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That's Me!I’m David McConeghy, a scholar of religious studies living in Orange County, California. I specialize in contemporary America’s religious history with a focus on sacred space and evangelical spiritual warfare. My recently completed dissertation is “Geographies of Prayer: Place and Religion in Modern America.” The beginnings of a digital database using many of the sources I found while completing this project is accessible at http://dmcconeghy.com/spiritualwarfare

I’m currently working on several projects. Among these are an article on digital pedagogies, an article on evangelical outreach during the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, a manuscript on territorial demons and sacred space, and an improved website to host other future digital projects on my own domain. While I do not hold an academic appointment at this time, I am a private tutor for primary school students in english, math, and test prep.

When I have free time I spend it with my wife, Elise. We share a love of  swing dancing, board games, hiking, completing triathlons, and rooting for Duke University’s men’s basketball team.

You can contact me by email directly or use the form below.


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