David McConeghy, AAR 2015

McConeghy_D - small

David McConeghy, Adjunct Instructor, Chapman University

Did we meet at AAR 2015? If we’re still at the conference, you can contact me directly through Twitter @dmcconeghy. If I missed you, I hope you had a great time in Atlanta!

If you’re attending the Cthulhu panel, you can find a link to a working draft of my paper here. Feel free to leave a comment, but please do not circulate or cite the piece without written permission. A link to the slide show I used during the Cthulhu panel is here on Prezi.

If you would like to contact me after the conference, the best option is to email me. I keep my most current CV on Academia.edu while my website is still under construction. If you’re interested in some of my online work you can find podcast interviews and responses at the Religious Studies Project or visit Sacred & Sequential, the religion and comics site, to see some of my writing on comic books. Or just browse the several years of blog posts here on A Lively Experiment.

Thank you for stopping by!