Summer Sorties

6 Jul

It’s Dr. McConeghy now–at least as of June 16 when I graduated from UCSB with my doctorate in Religious Studies. Since I have not secured a position yet, my summer and fall are full of grand plans. I have articles to begin and end, research to continue, computer code to write, and plenty of cleaning to do in my woebegone office. I have also blog posts to compose for Religion in the American West, and I hope to have another change to respond to a podcast at the Religious Studies Project. Before I lose my library privileges, I will need to secure a few final items for my work. I suppose library access will initially be the hardest item to overcome until I find my way back into the academy.  

As I finally re-emerge from my blogging exile, I’ll be challenging myself to participate more fully in open research methods. Part of that effort will be documenting my digital religious studies efforts. For a while I will stay here on WordPress, but eventually I will begin hosting more and more materials at I will probably continue to post (or at least cross-post) here for a year or more as I make myself comfortable with managing my new site. I’m toying with Jekyll, Python, Ruby, and other web coding languages so that I can really understand how the backend of my site works. This will be valuable not only as I begin more complex data-driven projects, but also as I try to integrate this work into my portfolio. It’s no good having a dozen different homes for my projects if they are sharing much of the same data. (You can read about early efforts on these fronts in previous posts like this one.) 

Some less academic summer goals are somewhat tied to the weather. My wife and I complete triathlons and open water swimming is a skill that must be practiced. Much of the year the Pacific shores, just a few miles down the road, are quite chilly. In the summer it is almost warm enough for novice swimmers to be warm enough without wetsuits. It’s also a great time of year for bike rides and hikes. This should prepare us for our next races. The accumulated detritus of many years of graduate school also needs to be kept in check. I have a tendency to keep everything, which is great but also terrifying. I hope to make some progress that will redeem my shoddy workspace. 

In the fall things become a bit more concrete. I’ll be in Baltimore for the AAR in November and D.C. in January for the AHA. For the AAR I’m involved in the conference’s first THATcamp, organized by Chris Cantwell. I may also be involved in a panel in the affiliated Global Pentecostalism meeting. Primarily, as you can well imagine, I’ll be applying for jobs. After all, I definitely need another chance to wear my spiffy regalia. 



2 Responses to “Summer Sorties”

  1. Matt McConeghy July 6, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    🙂 full speed ahead!

  2. Chris July 7, 2013 at 6:12 am #

    Those are some fancy duds 🙂

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