Future Fridays? The Experiment Continues

30 Nov
Ph.D. in Horribleness

Ph.D. in Horribleness (Photo credit: KellBailey)

Welcome back! After buckling down on dissertation research and writing, I’ve made substantial progress toward the completion of my degree. It’s now time to continue to excellent work I was engaging in before I went on an extended blog-cation. (Is that a thing?) I have a plan, too, to prevent the resumption of blogging from impairing the singular goal of my academic year (Ph.D. in hand)! Here’s what you’ll find from now on:

Media Mondays — I am still a devout, card-carrying member of the media generation. I love the art of film, the art of art, the comfort and energy of music, and  all things digital. I’ll fill future Mondays with movie reviews, analysis of religiously oriented popular music, discussions pulled from live-tweeting conferences, and so on. It will be a great way to start each week!

Textual Tuesdays — My growing collection of primary sources for my dissertation as well as resources for teaching courses in religious studies need a home. I hope to spend future Tuesdays sharing great resources from my personal collection as well as those so many great colleagues share throughout the web.

Western Wednesdays — The study of the American West is near and dear to me. Early proposals for my dissertation included substantial western emphases, but these were eventually reduced. You can’t do everything all at once. I’ll be looking for ways to continue these interests, as well as create a climate for cross-blog discussion with the excellent Religion in the American West blog, which I’ve pledged to write several contributions for in the next year. 

Theory Thursdays — I am surprised at how theoretically inclined my dissertation has become. I’ve always been seriously devoted to theories of sacred space and the tools necessary for theorizing the field of religious studies. I hope to briefly introduce some of these major elements and discussions–perhaps with an eye to a fancy technological project I’ve got in mind for the future.

Free-For-All Friday — Like today’s post, I expect to do quite a few different things on Fridays: from site business, Twitter #followfridays, teaching pedagogy, syllabus drafting, and whatever else didn’t quite make it into the rest of the week.

DiSSertation Weekends —  Over the weekend I’ll try to bring focus to the research I’ve been so concerned with for the last few years. I’ll probably post irregularly on Saturdays and Sundays, naturally preferring to work on the dissertation itself rather than write about the dissertation. I imagine these will be lengthier or more detailed academic posts, too, either serving as launching points for my daily grind or tangents that can’t be contained in the project itself.

Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons (Photo credit: Lars Kasper)

Part of the reason I stopped blogging was the challenge of consistently making a variety of content. I was always pushing myself to write substantive and often lengthy posts. This may not have always happened, but that motivation meant I spent more time than I should have planning posts (or drafting them) and less time than I should have publishing what I was working on. In the past year, as I’ve learned more and more about digital humanities and its methods, I can see where this was leading me astray. There’s certainly a place for those posts–hopefully I’ll make more of them–but the average post on my site can be less a lengthy finished product and more a short invitation to discussion and future exploration.

This routine, I hope, will let me publish a consistent volume of interesting items on the topics that keep me motivated and captivated. Let me know if you’re rejoining me! And watch out for those dragons lurking in the unexplored places of the maps.


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